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Re: Seeds

Post by GillyBee » Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:58 pm

I have used these suppliers as well on occasion

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Re: Seeds

Post by itsybitsy » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:20 pm

Thanks everyone. The article in the Guardian regarding food shortages yesterday spurred me into action!
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Re: Seeds

Post by GillyBee » Sun Nov 22, 2020 8:18 am

Agreed. That has had me reviewing my winter veg options.
The garden is small and I don't have space for the traditional winter options to grow in summer.
But a walk around the garden shows plenty of self seeded rocket and lambs lettuce, American cress, Jerusalem artichokes and a little kale.
I have restarted doing pea shoots on the windowsill and think we will have at least some fresh green to add interest to the stores come January

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Re: Seeds

Post by jansman » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:20 am

Small space gardening has come of age these last few years. My garden is enormous, but as I get older I don’t want the work. My veg growing has now shrunk to a lot smaller area containing two square foot beds, two raised beds and four sawn- off fifty gallon barrels in which I grow climbing beans. The space left over that is no longer cultivated, I have paved over. No work!

With the above, I can grow as much as we need ( two of us). I don’t bother with brassicas and late spuds, too much work and too much space.
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