Radio Frequencies

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Radio Frequencies

Post by jadedhills » Fri May 31, 2019 2:10 pm

Hi all, can I ask what are the most useful frequencies for a radio transmitter to monitor and to maybe stay in contact and get help if possible,
IS there a general freq that folks use to chat? are the CB frequencies of use to us? new to the radio thingy so advice needed please gl all and bless you :)

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Re: Radio Frequencies

Post by easy rider » Fri May 31, 2019 8:17 pm

Theirs loads of frequencies to monitor and transmit on if needed in emergencies especially post shtf.

I tend to not only list calling frequencies that are as such nominated but also I find a list of weekly radio nets ,with Times frequencies so on as new ones pop up add them.

I feel it will be such weekly networks that may continue post shtf as their mostly radio addicts and I'm sure will have 12v supplies to continue.

Google delboys cb radio network, look at his cb radio pmr 446 net callinder to start with, print his list of weekly nets off and start their.
Their are weekly nets for all modes of radio going on all over various regions of uk and world.

Also print off the 333 radio plan ,that too has useful info.

Cb is fine to start with or even stick with even , you can buy cheap used and get learning.if you want to you can go the licence route too but that can get silly expensive for a prep that may sit their unused.really you need to do it as a hobby too I feel to make it financially worth it.
Go to car boots buy cheap old cb radios , swr meters,antennas and play around learning .it can be dirt cheap.
I generally pay £3/5 per radio. Must have bought 12/14 now .every one worked after dust off,switch clean n vacuum of board.
Licence or not get using learning radio com's

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Re: Radio Frequencies

Post by munchh » Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:11 am

Its a pretty big question and there are other threads on here going back quite some time.
Im always surprised how many people are still on cb, but you wouldnt know it as they all seem to be just sitting waiting for someone to talk. I put one in the car last week and went up a hill. I had not heard anything for the 20 mins i was driving. When i called "rig test anyone please" on ch19 uk i had 4 people come back to me, all mobile.
There are some pretty good cheap new style rigs with bothe uk and cept (EU) chanels out there and you could be set up mobile easily for about 80 quid. Home base antenna will get you out further.
Like easy rider has said look at the 446 networks and then there is 2m and 70cms local amature frequencies, you can listen but not transmit without a licence. But a handheld which will do this is easy to get hold of for less than £30 new.
Most amature clubs will have club network days when they have a local net just a chat on a specific frequency on a specific day. Look online for your local club it will probably tell you on their website. So you can listen in and see how its done.
But i agree CB is the easiest and cheapest way to start as there are not many rules and anyone can use it.
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