Berkey water system

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Re: Berkey water system

Post by angeuk » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:33 pm

I got a Royal Doulton 10 litre model, with the Super Sterasyl filters. Around £80 on eBay. After two lots of filters came to the end of their natural, I got 2 black Berkey filters for it. Paid around £70 for them. I 'primed' them using syringes, making sure the air bubbles come through. They should last around 9 - 10 years of everyday use. I filter all our drinking water through after some decidedly dodgy looking dark bits in the tap water.

I only bought it for a situation where our water quality might be compromised, but love it now. Tried the red food dye test, which came out sparkling. The big difference is in the smell. A glass of filtered compared to a glass of tap water is a real eye (or nose) opener. Our is a very hard water area, but I've ha no problems so far.

I suppose I've paid about £210 including a new metal spigot. That's not bad for around 11 - 12 years prospective use.

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