Inside Water Filters- Sawyer Mini & LifeStraw

Finding it, filtering it, treating it all in here!
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Inside Water Filters- Sawyer Mini & LifeStraw

Post by shocker » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:46 pm

This has been covered many times before, I know, but this is a short (ish) video of a LifeStraw and a Sawyer Mini water filter, both being de-constructed, de-molished, and to me at least, de-bunked... seems they rely on string. But this is magic string ! :?

Just kidding. Its a hollow fibre that has been proven to work, but interesting nevertheless. Now I see the reason for all the DIY activated charcoal/carbon mods that are posted on the interweb-thing.

;) 8-)
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Re: Inside Water Filters- Sawyer Mini & LifeStraw

Post by jansman » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:40 pm

I believe the Sawyer is a spin off from Renal Dialysis.Filtering kidneys is serious stuff.They work though,no matter how they are built.And the Sawyer is so cheap,especially when you consider how much it will filter.

I bought three of them a few years ago when I was flush with cash.One is in my GHB,one still in its packaging,and the other is in the ' emergency' kit in the pantry.The latter I played with by filtering rainbutt water ( no other treatment) and drinking it over a week.Took it to Spain last year for six months and used it when I was guiding anglers out in the countryside. It meant we carried less water, which is heavy.Nobody was poorly!

If they are made of string,then as you say,its magic string. :D
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