Basket making

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Basket making

Post by PreppingPingu » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:56 pm

Just did a very enjoyable Basket weaving day course using willow. It's shown me some basic skills, enough that I could go out and make a basket to use for foraging etc.

The end product:
The start: 2 basic hoops and a few ribs inserted into the first woven bits.
Apart from learning old skills, it gave me a huge sense of satisfaction.
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Re: Basket making

Post by pseudonym » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:14 pm

Nicely done. :D

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Re: Basket making

Post by Arzosah » Tue Nov 12, 2019 8:53 am

Lovely! Thats a well chosen pic too, gives a really good idea of how the construction happened. Very versatile skill.

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Re: Basket making

Post by Deeps » Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:03 am

Looks good, a handy skill to have.

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Re: Basket making

Post by ForgeCorvus » Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:58 pm

Good job!

And now I've got something else to add to the 'Things to Do' list
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Re: Basket making

Post by itsybitsy » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:39 pm

Ooooh, I'd like to learn how to do this too!
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Re: Basket making

Post by Mad Scientist » Fri May 28, 2021 10:23 pm

That looks great! I’m seriously impressed!

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Re: Basket making

Post by Jerseyspud » Sat May 29, 2021 8:14 am

That looks great! Another skill to add to my to do list
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Re: Basket making

Post by Bosworth » Sat May 29, 2021 9:48 pm

So cool. I’m 45+ and this has brought back some lovely memories from school where we were taught the real basics. I think I still have a tray with woven raised sides to it somewhere!

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Re: Basket making

Post by Medusa » Mon May 31, 2021 11:25 am

That is really lovely!
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