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Post by Moorland Prepper » Mon Aug 23, 2021 8:48 am

A few weeks ago we planted potatoes (Maris Peer) in a vegetable grow bag and these are now starting to flower. I've been looking to see when the best time would be to harvest these but am getting quite different times from a Google search.

Anyone any ideas please?

The bag was a 10 gallon one and we planted five potatoes (too many). I intend to start 'excavating' from one side of the bag to remove the potatoes over time. Does anyone see any problems with this, or can anyone suggest a better way to get and keep fresh potatoes?

We have planted the remaining five Maris Peer potato seeds, two in one bag and three in another. When the first bag of potatoes have been removed we shall plant a 'winter' potato. Any suggestions as to what type please?


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Re: Potatoes

Post by rik_uk3 » Wed Nov 10, 2021 11:29 am

Nothing to stop you having a feel around from the top but if you planted end of August I'd say its too early yet and leave them a few weeks. I planted up a 40cm grow bag two weeks after you and I won't touch them until around 22nd December to serve with xmas dinner. I'll lift earlier if the foliage dies. If you dig while the foliage is still green the potatoes may be smaller and thin skinned; let the foliage wither and you'll have bigger spuds with thicker skins (peelers) which store much better.

For storage you want dark and cool, under 10c if possible.
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