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Re: Emergency home lighting

Post by Yorkshire Andy » Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:24 pm

I've got a mix of these some In "stores" and a few in use from the likes of home bargains and Lidl over the past year or so

Great on the stairs when the littles want a wee at 3am just low level lighting so they can see what toys they've dumped before they fall over them

https://www.savemoneycutcarbon.com/prod ... zpEALw_wcB

This is good in bigger rooms or outside undercover we have a tunnel to the back yard it lights it well

https://www.savemoneycutcarbon.com/prod ... LFEALw_wcB

This is bright but it gobbles batteries:

https://electrical-showroom.co.uk/catal ... 0JEALw_wcB

And in times of bad weather these sort get plugged in

Auto on in power cut jobbies = little miss who's scared of the dark ... Isn't in the dark

https://www.amazon.co.uk/AP-Emergency-S ... th=1&psc=1
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Lack of planning on your part doesn't make it an emergency on mine

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