Looking for preppers in Hertfordshire

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Looking for preppers in Hertfordshire

Post by nabberdabber » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:22 am

Hi, preppers
New to this forum, based in Costa del St.Albans, Hertfordshire.
Looking to putting a team of six together?
Myself 12yrs ex army sniper, spent alot of time in many different environments and countries just me and my spotter or just me fighting to stay alive.
I have alot of skill sets and experiences in survival, I train hard ,very self disciplined , think fast act faster to get the job done.
Why 6 you maybe asking?
For 12 yrs in army our units were 6 men strong ( only ever saw one female in a unit army politics ) each unit there was 6 then buddy buddy up in two's, we would start off as a six man team then split in to our two's for forward operations, RV,ERV, check points all pre planned as a six unit. So the two's go there directions eg, north,east,west, and the south would be escape route or whatever direction we came in on,
Every unit member was survival specialist but each one would have a certain skill ,,, Comms, medic, mechanic, pathfinder, explosives etc.
So as a six every aspect of survival was covered.
Each unit of T.A.B tactical Assault Brigade again would have specialised skills to be called upon, my unit was long range assault team, basically we covered a lot of ground to get to our target mainly by foot and carrying everything we needed for the mission.
In a survival condition one person can't do it all and before long your body will be tell you so! Yes one can survival but physically and mentally it breaks you as each day as it goes by.
Now us being in the UK if it ever came to it at some point going to need to get off old Blighty by plane or by sea so there's a thought for you? Then a whole load of complications start !
So my advice (for what it's worth take it or leave it) is small groups of trusted people who you can rely on and know they got your back as you have their's!
The more skill sets you have between you all the better chance of making it.
So I am looking for liked minded people don't have to be ex military,just have the survival Instinct and other skills that you could contribute, you need to be fairly fit and have the kit for survival and I don't mean everything but the kitchen sink just the basics would do,, and that you are willing to meet up for weekends testing our skills as a team from Brecon Beacons to the Yorkshire Dales to the Scottish Highlands, I also have places overseas we could go too.
So if your interested please contact me?
Ps. I don't care what colour/race you are or what God you pray too coz when the s*it hits the fan none of that matters it's survival of the fittest and the smartest will win to live another Day,

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Re: Looking for preppers in Hertfordshire

Post by itsybitsy » Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:10 am

Hello and welcome.

I've approved this post (against my better judgement I may add) to give our members an opportunity to respond.

What do you mean by ' a team of six'? Are you looking to repel marauding zombies? Hungry pensioners brandishing their zimmer frames? I think you should take some time, READ this forum and understand what we are about. We are a group of people who are interested in emergency preparedness for realistic situations that may crop up and interrupt our normal way of life, such as adverse weather conditions, economic instability, redundancy and so on. We prep to be insulated against these things. We are not a Rambo-esque Survivalist forum. Please take the time to get to know what we are about.
Area 10 coordinator

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