Filling 25 litre water containers

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Re: Filling 25 litre water containers

Post by grenfell » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:53 pm

To be honest all I do with containers is to wash them out with water. I picked up several one gallon containers that held drink concentrate so couldn't see the point of using bleach or whatever , just rinse out until there's not a trace of smell. I also brought some 20l jerry can types new and just used water with those. As they are black I filled them and stood them outside in the sun and used the water for the washing up and then flushed the toilet with that water and have repeated that several times.

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Re: Filling 25 litre water containers

Post by jansman » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:18 pm

I use 5 gallon opaque plastic barrels that held truckwash.My brother uses it.I wash em out,like grenfell,until there is no smell,then fill them up.Just make sure the light does not get to them so algae doesn't grow.When it comes to changing the water,I bang a glug of thin bleach in,leave it half hour,empty,and refill without rinsing.We h ave had to use it during a mains burst,and we didnt die. :lol:
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Re: Filling 25 litre water containers

Post by ForgeCorvus » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:44 am

Jansman: Whats 'truckwash' ? I can only find links to companies who wash trucks..... I know what its for, I want to know whats in it [/nerd]

Everyone else has pretty much covered what you need to store water and how to.

The only advice I'd add is one gallon of water weighs 10lbs, so a 25 litre jerry is over 50lbs (or 25kgs if you're metric). While this is an acceptable weight for a fit healthy adult to lift and carry, some of the household might not be fit and/or healthy adults. You might not be available to move stuff around, plan accordingly.

You can fit taps to your containers (or have a tap on a cap for Jerries) and a frame or shelf to lift them high enough to get a bucket/jug under (thereby fetching water as you need it).
Use mechanical handling (sack barrow, trolly or WHY) to move the container from storage to point of use.... This still requires lifting though.
Plan on moving point of use to near the water storage (at least for the duration of the Event)

Some of the folks on here use lots of smaller containers due to ease of use
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