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Re: N.H.S. views and experiences

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diamond lil wrote: Sat Feb 10, 2024 10:04 am Well the ins and outs of political doings aren't the big thing for us here- our job is to find ways round them. Any ideas and "fixes" welcome - we've already had some good ones.
I've got two fixes in relation to dental work:
- brother had a hygiene appointment set up, and the dentist called the day before saying he could have it for free if he allowed student dentists to tinker with his mouth 8-) since it was hygiene and not drilling, he said yes.
- next month, a filling fell out, he managed to get an emergency appointment for the next day, and when he went to pay they said no charge because he'd attended recently. He was stunned, but got out of there quickly before they changed their minds :)
- I had an emergency appointment myself last year, a piece of tooth fell off the huge filling that took up the bulk of the tooth area. They offered me a permanent replacement at £800 (can't remember if it was a crown, a root canal, whatever, but I remember the cost :lol: ) or a filling using that emergency paste for £70. I went for the latter, it's been fine so far. It does make me think, maybe I'd do my own. Maybe ...

There's lots we can't do anything about, but good dental hygiene will help you in all sorts of ways.
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Re: N.H.S. views and experiences

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Learn the ropes basically and don't take no for an answer. In the drs surgery, stay put till you get want you want, he's busy, he will give in ! Be aware of what you need to say before you get there.
I always took my daughter's to all health aptts, have a summary prepared don't waffle, symptoms, when it started, how bad it is.

Don't tell him what it is, even if you're certain. I learned as a nurse, you have to let the Dr be clever and enlighten you ! I lost count the number of times I said "ah so that's what it is Dr ?" When I already knew.

In many ways it's a game.

Regarding meds, remember there are nearly always 4-5 options for each illness, some PTS do well on one med, some don't, some get hardly any or insignificant side effects, some get horrible problems. It doesn't mean no treatment, just go back and explain and let them move on to the next option.

You are either an advocate for yourself or your loved ones, be persistent. The system is stretched, falling at the first hurdle often happens, don't be that person.

The NHS was and still is, a great institution but it's stretched to breaking point, don't contribute by being a trivial nuisance, if you're sure what the problem is and can get over the counter meds, do so but don't be victim either. Suffering and carrying on, often causes more problems later on.

Drs appts are a nightmare these days, on the day have speed dial set up and ring bang on surgery opening, trust me you'll be in a phone queue already anyway. If they try to fob u off, make it their problem, ask their advice as to what the alternative is, if they're still fobbing u off, ask for a phone appt with the practice manager.

I hate saying this but you have to be a pain in the a*se but remember, be polite and calm, they can refuse to help you if you're abusive and that's counter productive, if you're nice, it's harder to get rid of you.
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Re: N.H.S. views and experiences

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Agree. Half the stuff folk go to the GP for can be sorted by a decent pharmacist.

I went a year past November when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. The GP I saw said ‘you don’t come here often as the last time you were here was 10 years ago’.

The reason? I go to the chemist. If it doesn’t get cleared up or fixed, then I go.
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Re: N.H.S. views and experiences

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I was referred for a urgent mri scan 6 th dec
Hadn't heard anything before Xmas so rang docs got through to receptionist who said oh its Xmas dont worry busy time well chase it up ..
Had the flood had to deal with living wild in the ..outdoor habitat..😂..mid jan rang the hospital instead of docs
You've not been referred.. no referral to be seen
I had was in my nhs notes read it to the woman on phone who was as confused as me
Rang docs back ..long horrible story but the docs had sent referral off to wrong email address for hospital
They then began arguing between themselves over whose fault it was .
I rang hospital direct and got a appointment for this morning after explaining again and reading the notes out .. had the MRI at 8 15 this morn they were lovely with me and I wasn't the first in so goodness knows what time they started ..I've no idea if the gp surgery has any clue till results get sent to gp as theyre still putting on my nhs notes all the notes about arguing whose fault it is ...
Been a nightmare
Mr GG on his daily chemo twice a day was referred Tuesday
Hes in at a different hospital tonight at 5 .45 pm
Took 4 days
I dont know weather its areas hospitals people underfunding i havent a clue but I had to make a nuisance of myself politely to get sorted for me ...and it went smoothly for hubby
Its just so sad to see how bad it can be and on the flip side with 4 days for Mr GG how great it can be
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Re: N.H.S. views and experiences

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GeeGee, I'm glad that phoning direct worked for you, at least. And I hope the result of the MRI is satisfactory.