What temperature do you have your house.

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Re: What temperature do you have your house.

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Usually the heating is about 16/17 during the day, if someone's in. If the house is empty, it's turned down below 10.
Luckily the house is and gets warm easily, we wear jumpers in winter, summer is ok except it does get warm in the house, warmer than other houses I've lived in, it can be uncomfortable sometimes.
The hot water is an issue, my daughter insists on very hot water, whenever she wants it but it's not worth the grief arguing over, money isn't an issue ! In a difficult situation she might find the new life, a struggle lol 😂
I'm retired now but I don't feel the cold and it's easy to put on a jumper.
I'd have no.problem where we live, with no heating, it wouldn't be difficult to take the chill off.
I lived in a house, with only a coal fire in the lounge and a back boiler, it wasn't a struggle.
Work leaving the house at 6:00, feed the fire you built up before bed last night, leaving the lounge door open n bedroom doors open, whoever's in the house during the day, either let the fire go down, clean and reset it, or just keep it going until the home time crew come home.
If you're out all day and the fire dies, clean n reset it, keep your coat on while you do.
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Re: What temperature do you have your house.

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I checked my boiler yesterday. It's set to 55°. Thermostat is in living room, turned up this year to 18° during the day, 18.5 early morning and evening. I've hardly had to tinker with it this year. It's set to come on earlier in the mornings. Last year the boiler was at 63°. My gas use isn't too bad compared to last year. It's been higher this month, even though the temperature has been about the same as last year, but last Feb I used less than expected for the temperatures. I try to keep the lodgers rooms above 19 when they are in, but it's colder first thing.
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Re: What temperature do you have your house.

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We have used the oil heating very little this year. We tend to use it manually rather than setting the timer unless we know it is going to be very cold. We all leave the house fairly early so I cannot see the point in warming the house when nobody is going to benefit from it. We have log burners in the lounge and dining room and tend to rely on those as we can run them much longer than we could for the same cost in oil. The underfloor heating in the bathroom and toilet comes on at 15C, but actually very rarely comes on. We also leave the downstairs doors open so the heat from the log burners rises upstairs. Most of the time we are probably about 18C.
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