Car v public transport

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Re: Car v public transport

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I used to live in a big city, that was divided by the taxi firms into 20 districts. I lived in one that was on the outer edge, just three roads from the ring road, in a suburb that was otherwise very quiet. It usually took half an hour to get a taxi, by which time I could walk to my local train station, or be almost all the way to the centre on our little shuttle bus. The only time I used a taxi was if I had a big suitcase with me, and I had to leave *so* much time, it was maddening.
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Re: Car v public transport

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Very interesting. I can no longer drive because of my illness,so when not working,my wife ferries me around. However we have a bus stop outside and I have a bus pass too as I am disabled now,and that is great! Also if I need a taxi,I use the Uber app and can literally get a taxi within five minutes.
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Re: Car v public transport

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When we moved here, one of my "must haves" was public transport. Despite having held a driving license for a lot of years, I am a nervous driver and avoid it as much as possible. As we get older, the time may come when we can no longer drive due to our various infirmities. Problems arise when the bus drivers decide to go on strike as the ones did recently where our sons live. It wasn't too much of a problem for them as they (both non-drivers despite my best efforts) can walk to work but the girlfriend of one of them works 15 miles from home and does not drive either. The local taxi firms and hotels in the town where she works did very well out of the strike. I will be getting my bus pass soon and fully intend to get plenty of use out of it.
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Re: Car v public transport

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Where I live, in rural north norfolk, public transport is poor/non existent.
Assuming a crisis, I would imagine public transport would get at least, worse and possibly dangerous.

Having a car (petrol sadly not diesel) is essential, although after a serious situation I would guess would become useless within weeks. If it was diesel, I could at least keep it going a month or two, on bio.

But to scavenge those, last minute items and bolster stocks within the first 3-7 days would be priceless.

As an older man with two daughters, public transport is not an option for me.