'Viking' Prepper-Fam Seeking LMP for Fellowship and Training.

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Arwen Thebard
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Re: 'Viking' Prepper-Fam Seeking LMP for Fellowship and Training.

Post by Arwen Thebard » Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:52 pm

"I wonder if this what Arwen the bard wanted for their prepper community...I shall ask on their post. You should check it out."

Thanks Raven, Yeah we are in touch with other and definitely moving in the same direction. :D
Arwen The Bard

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Son Of Andrew
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Re: 'Viking' Prepper-Fam Seeking LMP for Fellowship and Training.

Post by Son Of Andrew » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:41 am

Hi Raven,

thanks for your interest. That's right, it's valued, but we don't follow any doctrine. Anyone of faith is welcomed, as long as they share our core principles, and the basic tenets of their beliefs posit that we (you, and I) can live harmoniously as neighbours. That being said, all are invited to join the network and come along to train and socialise (faith or not), but again, same rules apply. Harmony with others. Pretty basic stuff.

This enterprise is the network, from which individual MAGS or 'clans' will spring under mutual agreement. That's the Viking Preparedness template which we've adopted. Anyone may join the network to train/socialise in person, with a view to joining or forming a group of their own. The minimal requirements and the political/religious leaning of said group would be a personal arrangement between those parties involved.

As for CoV? No one really knows at this time how it will be handled, but meetings will take place at outdoor venues, and initially there will only be a few of us. We'll work something out. I'd also like to point out that my calling them 'events' is rather grandiose at this stage. Instead, they'll be low-key 'get-togethers' for LMP to meet, train, and socialise.


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