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Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:19 pm
by NicSmi
I live in Mid Wales, am in my twenties, and I've been interested and intrigued by "prepping" for about 18 months now. Although i paid attention and found it interesting before that, its only over the last 18 months that I've really started to understand how important i feel it is to be prepared for any scenario that comes our way.
I have a young child at home who is probably my biggest reason for doing this. Although i'd like to survive and thrive through anything, as a parent i'm even more adamant that i give my child the best possible hope to do just that. I also have my partner at home who thinks I'm crazy anytime i mention anything to do with preparing for anything other than today or tomorrow haha
I just wanted to come along and say Hi and thank you for petting me join!
I hope this post is okay :)

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 3:42 pm
by jansman
Welcome. Your post is just fine. Having children is the biggest reason to want to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges. Are there any specific issues you wish to prep for?

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 4:16 pm
by NicSmi
Not so much anything in particular, there's just constantly so much going on in the world that I'd like to think its better to be prepared for any scenario, even if its a few hours without power or a larger problem like an all out world war etc.
I've been getting little bits together for a while now and i just keep thinking that even if its a little more water or a bit of extra few that could keep you going for a couple extra days, its better than having nothing at all if anything were to ever happen.
I hope that nothing tragic does ever happen that means the people preparing for disasters have to actually use what they've mounted together for these situations, however with a child especially, it just makes me and I'm sure so many other feel better knowing that you've got the means to help and support yourself and your family if the need does ever arise.

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:24 pm
by PreppingPingu
Hullo and welcome! To be honest, most folks who prep have just a bit extra in stock to see us and our immediate family through any tricky situations. The threat of redundancy focussed me. Hubby did end up being made redundant in the end and it was comforting to know I had enough food at the time to see us through 2-4 weeks while we worked out what we were doing. I also used to live on an estate that often had power cuts so it was second nature to have torches, batteries, and another source of cooking other than leccy. Start with basics, with likely practical things and that will see you to being a bit better prepared than most. It does rub off on those around you. My daughter now keeps things like plasters and paracetamol in her bag at all times 😀 It's all about the basics not the underground bunkers!

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:19 pm
by bobble
Hi Nic Smi, you'll find some good info on here. Its really useful being a uk based site too! 🙂

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:01 pm
by Deeps
Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it useful.

Edit to add, Pingu is spot on. Best to prepare for what you're more likely to encounter than some of the more 'exotic' scenarios, especially if you're factoring in kids. Running off to the woods would be a lot trickier with an ankle biter or two. :lol: Some water, food (and an alternative to cook if the mains are off), first aid and meds and some lighting are a good place to start.

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:26 pm
by NicSmi
Hi again!

Thank you all so much, i like that its not all doom and gloom as the only other "prepper" I've spoke too is more sort of the apocalypse is going to happen and we need bug out vehicles, bug out bags, houses, dens etc kinda thing, whereas I'm far more concerned about things like large medical bills becoming a reality and food prices rising and so on.. although we certainly arent on bad wages in my household, like so many we'd only be a few months of wage packets away from being out of home and food, so like PreppingPingu said, its redundancy that could make a huge impact. Nothing drastic, just things that I'd like to know i have the means to assist my family with if it came too it!

Although i'm very lucky to have a family that do love everything bushcraft, hiking, camping and outdoors, I'm not so sure its a real bug out scenario I'm preparing for, I'm not convinced we'd get very far with an excitable little boy in a real bug out situation lol

Thank you for the advice, tips and words of encouragement, its really appreciated!

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:44 pm
by Deeps
Have a nose around the various topics, there's far more on the 'mundane' prepping than the running off to the woods stuff. Figure out what your personal priorities are and just work towards the means to mitigate them. Enjoy it too, we wouldn't do it if we hated it. :D

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:50 pm
by Arzosah
I'm late, but welcome to the forum! Echoing what the others are saying, and your last post makes a good point about money - having savings is a prep as well, it isn't all about bushcraft. A good amount of food in your cupboards helps against all sorts of problems - flooded roads, strikes, all sorts of things.

And yes, we're not all into doom and gloom here, but since you have a little boy, you might find that building a "bug out shelter" in the back garden/ local park will have him enthralled :lol: as well as tire him out so he sleeps properly :mrgreen:

Plus, we've been chatting recently about the Centre for Alternative Technology, which is in mid Wales - there's some great ideas there that preppers use too, as well as environmentalists - are you within reach for a day out? It's a great place.

Re: Hey From Wales!

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:52 am
by NicSmi
I'm spank bang in the middle of Wales and haven't heard about the Centre for Alternative Technology but will have a look into it now! Sounds very interesting!

Oh we're always out and about making little buschraft dens, i remember my parents doing it with me when i was younger and I'm very fortunate to have a partner and son that also love the outdoors which is a major advantage! Definately the best way to get a good nights sleep in by wearing out the little one all day building snd creating outdoors! :)

Is there a forum/post in particular that i could look into on here that looks into just about anywhere i can begin? I've got little things like a "bug out bag", although in all honesty its really just our camping kits each that we just re-stock after each camping trip and dont un-pack as we go so often lol

Although i understand a little, i dont really even know what I'm prepping for as such, and hardly know where to start other than with the basics such as stocking up on little bits of food to keep us going for a week or two at a time etc. I dont know or cant think of any potential "disasters" or scenarios in this kind of area that would need for me to prepare i just like to be able to have the peace of mind knowing that I've got things there if they're needed - I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone reading this. It does in my head but I'm not grwat at explaining things haha

Thanks for all of your input! Its greatly appreciated!