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New Members - Introduce yourself, and say a few words
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New Member - Lancashire

Post by ArkasiaAcoma » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:24 pm

Hi all

I am a new member in Lancashire.
As a youngster aged 10 -18, me and my friends used to spend a lot of time living off land in this area and generally playing at being soldiers/ living rough. As we got older, most of us became soldiers. I was injured after only a few years serving in Northern Ireland and so around 19 years ago returned to civvy street. Since then i haven't really prepped in any big way since the millenium. I keep a few tools / basic weapons at home and basic camping gear, but know all i really need to create shelter is a decent knife or hand axe and that for myself i can survive off next to no resources for extended periods. Now i'm 40 years old have 4 kids to look after, a wife who is not living with us at the moment due to her having serious mental health issues and i am recovering from major surgery having nearly died from infection resulting in removal of my gall bladder and part of my liver. The major life events that have happened have made me realise, that i haven't prepared my family to live without me should there be any national crisis and i intend to remedy that. I have joined this forum to get some ideas towards that end.

Long term Goals are as follows;
1. Ensure my children know how to defend themselves, forage, grow, create shelter, find water and react in crisis situations without me there to look out for them.
2. Reinvest into our small enclosed outdoor space and create some alternative food sources and a water catchment. (16x7 meters approx)
3. Create an emergency stockpile of food supplies, medicine and household essentials.
4. Find like minded individuals to potentially form mutually beneficial relationships with.
5. create a bug out plan for the family and find and purchase a suitable location to create a secure bug out location.

Anyhow, i think that is enough of an introduction to begin with.

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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by Deeps » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:50 pm

Welcome to the forum mate, sounds like you've been through it, hope things pick up for you.

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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by Prep007 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:00 pm

Welcome from a fellow newbie!

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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by ArkasiaAcoma » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:15 pm

Thanks Deeps.

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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by Arzosah » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:18 pm

I'm glad to see you made it onto the forum - people talk about shtf, but you've really been through the mill already :(

Are you well yet after your infection? Thats crucial in terms of what you can do. Is your wife near enough for you and the kids to visit? Thats crucial in terms of keeping relationships going, which is important for all of you. Local support?

I must say, its a great idea to transform your outside space - working together on that is a really healthy family activity, on all sorts of levels. And there's quite a few discussions on here about how much its appropriate to talk to kids about prepping issues, at what level, etc.

Welcome to the forum :)
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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by MaxPrep » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:06 am

Hi there and welcome and thank you for your service.

I'm Max, living in East London.
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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by pseudonym » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:08 am

Hello and welcome to the Forum. Thankyou for your Service. :)

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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by bobble » Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:59 pm

Hi ArkasiaAcoma,
Hope things improve for yourself and your wife and family soon! Ive found that life tended to kick me up the ass, until i found the path i was meant to be on.
Welcome to uk preppers! 😃

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Re: New Member - Lancashire

Post by ArkasiaAcoma » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:26 am

Thank you for all the kind replies and helpful suggestions.

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