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Re: Catalonia

Post by Deeps » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:51 am

Plymtom wrote:
I like your powers of observation :) on the Vegas thing I hear some victims are sueing the hotel, bum fire stocks are a clear cheat, but then I know people who can pull the trigger more than once a minute ;) no one should have gotten that arsenal into a hotel room.

Catalonia could be a really big thing, I believe in part the rest of Europe are holding their breath and know not what to say :? It was heavy handed, the rest of Spain must want that bit so badly that you think there was oil under it, I know little of the situation nor the history, other than it hasn't always been sweetness and light in some Spanish regions..... must be the heat.
I think this is the issue, there's enough stuff going on in Europe and there's maybe a hope that 'it will all work out'. I'm a bit shocked that the EU amongst others haven't condoned the Spanish approach.

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