Limits to barter

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Re: Limits to barter

Post by Arzosah » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:48 pm

Very interesting topic, thanks for this!

Right away, I was thinking of the LETS scheme, got beaten to it by jansman :lol: but there's at least one system still going, in Lewes in Sussex:

The last entry in the blog is dated July this year, so I presume they're still going.

I think the important thing is the "double coincidence of wants", yes - with the NHS thing, for instance, maybe somebody's okay to give me social care and bedrest, but what if I bring an infection from the hospital with me and I suddenly need urgent nursing care? I doubt there's going to be much double coincidence there.

I haven't done any bartering, but as a family we do a lot of exchanging favours - though petrol and van hire get shared between everyone, for the sake of fairness.

There's also mates rates, in today's world - my own line of work - counselling and therapy! - isn't where this is normally expected, but I fell into it by accident. A friend who was also a colleague went to live abroad for a year and kept her online clients, as she had good online access. I gave her supervision by email, and it was *give*, as it was about every other month. When she returned, though, it gradually became 1.5 hours a fortnight, in person, and it was too much to do for free, especially as there was nothing coming the other way, so we started doing mates rates, *very* low amount.
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Re: Limits to barter

Post by Arwen Thebard » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:52 pm

Deeps wrote;

"If I'm wide of the mark then tell me to shut my pie hole but if you don't know how to quote posts, then once you open the reply box (I know you've got that one weighed off ;) ) then on the post you want to quote there's a box on the top right corner "QUOTE, click on that and voila. Saves you typing it all out"

Or you can copy and paste the bit you want to quote, saves space....just saying 8-)
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