Gold content of jewellery and scrap gold

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Re: Gold content of jewellery and scrap gold

Post by Exwind » Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:02 pm

Its very very easy to recover gold and i presently do it continually....i dont bother with all the refining tips to get to 999% pure...i'm a dirty miner and strip mainly gold plate and rolled gold with acid (HcL) and hydrogen peroxide (copper chloride method) i also occasionally get gems like gold nibs from pens,teeth,and watch dials i throw them all in recover using acid (HcL) and bleach drop with smb (sodium metabulphite) dry out the results and send it for fire assay amazing how a load of junk costume jewellry and watch bracelets and cases can give up so easily...last lot just under 1 troy ounce and at that time 600 pounds sterling to me

No special safety equipment needed, pair of marigolds a pair of safety goggles and some old clothes will suffice admirably, couple of plastic tubs ,couple of demi johns if you can get your hands on them ,plastic funnel or two and a box of coffee filters ...most expensive item is the HcL ...but it can be purchased online with not too much difficulty and is not covered by the explosives and poisons regs everything else can be found on the bay of evil

the knowledge to do it can be found all over the internet but do your own research and find what works for you

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