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Re: CB hints and tips......

Post by easy rider » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:29 pm

The citizens band radio is still very good ,a very effective radio communication.
For those wishing to learn about radio go buy a cb, follow guides on YouTube on setting one up well and use the thing.but always do some research on what's good and works well.
Theirs plenty of older used kit on ebay too and lots are made in Japan back in the day of Solid quality and many radio repair guys still work on them if you wish a service .
If you don't wish to outlay huge sums look on buy and sell sites ,used sites ask family friends if anyone has one sitting gathering dust.

Many don't want to go to a radio club weekly, many more don't wish to go on to sit a test as simple as it is at present or go on a list along with your detail or follow the etiquette q codes and alike on ham bands.

I still believe cb radio both uk + eu 40 will be a very wise choice and cheap licence free. Yes having a ssb multimode radio is possibly a better choice step up but again it's going to cost more and many of the modern ssb radios are a little more complex to use correctly and may put off those who have never used a radio.

For those that still havnt radio com's my thought is buy a cb, set up and use it . In the west mids theirs still loads of users who are happy to talk all day if you wish .

A good old little cb in the house with a silver rod type antenna ,and a old school handheld whilst out walking or doubling up as a mobile radio for in car coupled to a magmount antenna will give you good usable com for many miles around your base.


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