Who does not have a BOB?

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Re: Who does not have a BOB?

Post by JDandCoke » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:28 am

I don't have bug out bag, just normal rucksack packed with some useful stuff (that I rarely need anyway) plus debit card ;-), as I have nowhere to bug out to, no family in UK, just some friends 20 miles away. UK is not Canada, US or Russia where you can just go wild camping and nobody will ever find you. Country is dense - that talking about unrest and all of that. That's why it is so funny when someone buys 4x4 to bug out - if shtf Dalby Forest will be packed with this kind of bug out people and will be more crowdy than York Train Station area on Summer ;-)
In case of flood - I live up the hill, and the only natural disaster I can see can harm me is hurricane - even if it rips roof off I'd still stay in, and fire - if house burns I can always stay in garage that is not attached to house - I have some stuff there, even tent (can cope without pegs inside) and carpet on floor so I don't need bugout. Also have first aid kit, pocket knife, blanket, water and some more lil things in my car. All this bugging out to wilderness in UK is just a dream of adventure for big boys. Scotland may be different, but I live in Yorkshire - really dense part of it, so bugging in is the only option unless something will threaten our lives - only then we'd leave.

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