Silage advice needed

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Re: Silage advice needed

Post by Arzosah » Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:20 am

Just reading this thread for the first time. Sounds a great idea, though, Clarebelle, sorry to hear its gone badly because of the drought.

I had a question, though ... do you try to get the grass to dry out before you compress it into the silage bale, or is the point that its wet when you put it in?
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Re: Silage advice needed

Post by Clarebelle » Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:37 pm

I don't leave it to dry I just 'bale' it straight away. I know when making normal silage it is usually left for a period before baling. It doesn't seem to be nessesary when using grass clippings, I've never had silage thats been too wet.

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