Passports - what can I do?

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Re: Passports - what can I do?

Post by xplosiv1 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:53 pm

A second passport is always handy just be sure there are no strings attached

a mate of mine is dual British and American ........ they finally caught up with him a few years back and sent him a US tax bill as all US citizens have to pay taxes every year to the US government weather they live in the US of not .... suffice to say he just ignored it and has no plans to ever go to the US lol.

I'm Irish and live in Scotland but I'm not entitled to dual nationality only people born in Northern Ireland can get it, I can apply for British citizenship but it means I lose my Irish passport in doing it and as it makes absolutely no difference to me I've not bothered . Back on point, as far as I'm aware as long as you are born within one of the 28 member states of europe you are entitled to apply for citizenship in any of them now whether they will allow dual citizenship I dont know, as even with Latvia your son would be entitled to dual citizenship but by the time he is 25 he needs to decide which country he wants to be a citizen of ...... Or I suppose make a case for retaining dual nationality if possible. ... tizenship/
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