Using bicycles if shtf

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Re: Using bicycles if shtf

Postby Citizen H » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:22 pm

Hello, and good on you, I commute to work each day and run a gauntlet of Lorries, Cars and Office bods that are far more interested in their mobile phones than looking where their going.

My bike is kitted out for Urban Assault, I carry a ruck that's camo (but has Hi Vis reflected tape) there's 3 ultra bright LED head lights one that illuminates the road just ahead of the front wheel, there's a pair of ammo pouches on the front that carry basic repair tools, inner tube and a mini pump.

have look on youtube and keep an open mind, cargo options and weight distribution (as always) will be need to be considered, try not to overload and be prepared that you may have to ditch the bike in a hurry and you will need a quick release for all the cargo your carrying.

In a nutshell a bike will give you a better range when (and if) it all goes horrible wrong, Check out the WW1 Army Cyclist Corps, also WW2 Para bikes and the Swedish army bikes..... Hope this helps.

All the best, Ride Safe, Citizen "H"
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Re: Using bicycles if shtf

Postby Kinger » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:51 am

Great option as you don’t need to worry about fuel and blocked off roads.


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