'Older' learner driver

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Re: 'Older' learner driver

Post by ukpreppergrrl » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:48 pm

Just to add to the manual/automatic debate: if you need to hire a van for some reason all the ones I've ever been offered to hire are manual. I presume there are some automatic vans, but it seems the majority are manual. It's really not much harder to learn to drive a manual than an automatic, so it makes little sense to me to aim only for an automatic licence unless there is some specific reason you physically can't drive a manual.

And yes everyone stalls. Everyone. Usually at a junction in heavy traffic after you've been waiting for 15 minutes to turn right with a queue of impatient drivers behind you... :roll: It happens. It happens all the time when you are first learning, it happens all the time when you start to drive a new car, it happens sometimes when you've been driving the same car for years.
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Re: 'Older' learner driver

Post by Zunzuncito » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:39 pm

I say go for it - I don't think you'll regret it. I've recently had refresher driving lessons this year after passing my test at the age of 17 driving for a year or two and then moving to London for 10 plus years where no-one has or needs a car. I moved back to where I live now 5 years ago and realised the same as you that public transport is not as good and is quite restrictive (though I do use it for work still).

As someone else has already said as I had a licence, even though I hadn't driven for nearly 15 years I could have just got in a car and gone on my merry way. However, I wanted to build my confidence back up and obviously be safe so took refresher lesson and I'm so glad I did. Got myself a little car about 2 months ago and am enjoying tootling around in it and getting some road experience.

Good luck Le Mouse!

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Re: 'Older' learner driver

Post by Le Mouse » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:41 am

Thanks all!

I'm hoping that when I first get behind the wheel that I enjoy it because the thing that's held me back all these years is *not wanting* to learn. If I find it fun, then it'll keep me going. Let's see what happens :D

I won't be taking lessons until January when I've finished my (goddamn) OU dissertation, but this week I'll contact the driving instructor I've chosen and see if I can get the bookings in now. My brother has sent me the early birthday present of the The Police Driver's Handbook and a new copy of the Highway Code, so I can get working on that in the meantime :mrgreen:

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Re: 'Older' learner driver

Post by diamond lil » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:41 am

Best of luck mouse - you show them! When I went for my bike test there were a few wee go-faster guys doing theirs the same day. I felt some faintly sniggery vibes lol - but I was last and the instructor told me the only one who had passed. I'd have been amazed if I hadn't though as had been driving bikes for 20 years before it, but it still made my day :mrgreen: And I had a great natter with the instructor who had fond memories of the old Ace Cafe and was telling me tall tales of his young days on the North Circular Road.. wherever hell that is lol

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