OH doing a first aid course

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OH doing a first aid course

Post by PreppingPingu » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:10 pm

I have always kept my first aid certificate up to date through work and did a year and half stint volunteering with St John Ambulance where I learnt bucket loads. However, I have said to my hubby for a while that he ought learn, as what would he do if he found me unconscious one day? Also our eldest daughter suffers with some mental heath issues, an eating disorder among them, so again, I had commented that I hoped I'd never have to put my first aid into action for her as she can get quite ill at times. I was about to enrol him on the 2 hour "Heart Start" evening that British heart foundation run at our local St John Ambulance, when he got the opportunity to do a 3 day first aid at work course instead. He volunteered to do it! I am one, very impressed he did, but two, feel reassured now that he will have some basic skills and knowledge to help in a nasty situation.

Have many of you that hold first aid/medical skills encouraged other member of your immediate family to do so too? Not only in case something was to happen to yourself but also for a second pair of hands, back up in any given situation until the emergency services can arrive? My daughters both did basic first aid at school and in guides/brownies but my husband had no knowledge at all.
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