Living in an electric (no gas supply) house

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Living in an electric (no gas supply) house

Post by BlinkingCory » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:29 pm

Hi folks.
My youngest (23 yr old lass) and her chap have finally built the funds to buy their own gaff. Good on em I reckon, but their concern, and mine, is that the house is entirely supplied by electricity mains, no gas.
I'm already doing the daddy thing and getting them a couple of gas calor heaters and lots of gas cylinders for alternative methods of coking in case of power cuts and what not, but can you learned lot throw some obvious preps in my direction please.

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Re: Living in an electric (no gas supply) house

Post by jansman » Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:28 am

We are all electric. Our choice, and a story on its own. To be fair, we do rely heavily on our solid fuel stoves, but with legislation in the offing , that might eventually change.

When we had the ancient gas system taken out, folks asked, “ what if there is a powercut”, well,that electronic gas boiler won’t work either! Ok, the gas stove will, and the gas fire if you have one.

In our house, we have, as BlinkingCory points out, alternative cooking facilities. Easy. You just have to maintain a stock of gas and check your stove every now and again. The calor gas heater is a great idea. If legislators decide in time that our environmentally evil stoves :D have to go, then Calor do some cracking ‘lookalike ‘ gas stoves.

Battery radio, torches/ lanterns and batteries. LED all the way! We have a couple of small solar panels that feed little battery packs capable of charging phones and tablets. They come with two emergency LED lights on 4 m cables. We charge our phones routinely this way, as it saves a little cash too!

Rechargeable batteries are good, along with solar chargers. A Kelly Kettle, or rocket stove to boil water if it’s a prolonged powercut ( and a bit of fuel- a bag of sticks in the shed), and that’s about it. Oh yes, a proper whistling kettle to make a brew on that stove! Tea made from a saucepan is heathen! :lol:

Electricity is the way forward though. Along with banning petrol and diesel vehicles, open fires and stoves, the Goobermint want domestic gas banned by 2050 too!
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Re: Living in an electric (no gas supply) house

Post by Medusa » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:24 pm

Congrats to your daughter! We are also a no gas house but have an oil fired boiler and there appear to have been lots of power cuts close by today due to the storm so have had lanterns, torches and candles at the ready plus powerbanks to charge up phones and run some led usb lights. We have plenty of alternative cooking facilities. Calor gas heaters are probably the way to go along with a few cylinders of gas. Although power cuts rarely seem to last long around here these days, there was a period over Christmas a few years ago where many local houses lost power for almost two weeks. In that case we would have been stuck for showering too, but have the trusty pump up camping shower. Obviously not a power shower but slightly better than a good wash in the basin for slightly longer term power outages.
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Re: Living in an electric (no gas supply) house

Post by nickdutch » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:17 pm

Bioethanol fireplace to provide some heat if all else fails, trangea and gas canister camping stoves just in case.
watering can for the bathroom so that you can still have a shower with water (you have heated on your alcohol and camping gas stoves) if the boiler is on the blink.
candles. You gotta have candles :)
Hot water bottles
Wind up radio or similar
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