Self Build to include a bunker

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Re: Self Build to include a bunker

Post by grenfell » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:03 am

Erecting a building with what is just basically a cellar shouldn't pose too many problems with regards to planning permission . It's a bit extra work but should be easily doable. The escape tunnels on the other hand will most likely cause a lot of problems . I'm not even sure if the regulations would cover such a thing or how officaldom would react at the proposal. i would think something like a large concrete tube would seem the sort of thing to use but that would involve a lot of extra excavations and would probably raise an eyebrow or two. It could only be on the same plot of land as well as having to avoid services which may be a limiting factor especially where the plot has neighbouring properties. Putting a tunnel in afterwards could be an option but is inherently dangerous for obvious reasons.
It puts me in mind of a few people around here who wanted to put in an inspection pit in a new build garage. The council wouldn't give permission for such a thing , it was flatly refused. So to get round it the pits were put in and covered up so the floor looked like one continuous slab and then uncovered once everything had been passed.

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Re: Self Build to include a bunker

Post by ninetydot » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:45 pm

I did a favour for a friend of a friend who wanted their newly built 50'x30' garage wired out, it was built on a slope with the base made out of big holow styrene blocks that were then filled with concrete with a slab poured on top for the garage floor the garage was then built on top, when disscussing what fittings he wanted and where, he wanted me to show him how they are wired up and wanted a drawing, why call in favours if your going to add to the install later ? Hmm curious.

It was only when he asked for a transfer switch (these are used to couple a generator to the mains) to be installed in the compressor shed attached to the garage - no generator support to the house only the garage.? I got a bit curious and had a good look at the back of the garage on the lower part of the slope.
Under the garage he had a bunker, all laid out with 3 rooms, all very nice with stairs up to a covered over area of floor in the garage.

massive amount of garage envy from me ... to say nothing of the "store" room.

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Re: Self Build to include a bunker

Post by nightowl » Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:01 pm

I was wondering the other day about bunkers and planning permission. If you have to apply for that before building then doesn't that advertise to joe public something that you'd rather most people weren't aware of? I'm not saying everyone is gong to make a mental 'head there in a SHTF scenario' note but some might. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

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Re: Self Build to include a bunker

Post by Lone » Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:16 pm

I guess calling it a bunker/panic room is a bad idea.

Best something like basement games room, soundproof recording studio, etc., neighbours likely more accepting of such, especially if guaranteeing noise reduction as part of the planning.

Sometimes using less worrying words or names for things will reassure others.

As a lighthearted example, though not worryingly named, I call my greenhouse a detached conservatory...

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