Permaculture magazine article - Capetown drought

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Permaculture magazine article - Capetown drought

Post by moominmama » Wed May 08, 2019 11:31 am


very interesting article in most recent Permaculture magazine issue, no. 100 on the drought in Capetown, South Africa and the risk of Day Zero when main water was to be turned off. Especially interesting given recent water warning in UK. Permaculture magazine can be very hit and miss regarding articles, but I have a subscription to it and US homesteading magazine - when the articles are good they are really very good.

Anyway, interesting aside was the number of people who denied any problem and thought it was all a bit of a conspiracy, even though they would have lived through the proceeding three years of very low rainfall, and could visit and see the low level of the reservoirs, and the their logic kind of did not make sense as people were being encourages to reduce water shortage, thus saving money in terms of water bills, as far as i could see reading the articles the only people who i could see making money were the chemical hand sanitiser makers.

The add on effects that most people would not think of - but i am sure people here do, the sewerage system would fail, fresh fruit and vegetables would be hard to come by, food supply as handlers could not wash hands, fuel supply as most refineries need fresh water, etc. Basically once main water goes 'civilisation' is going to start to be at risk, and that appears to be a shock to some people!

It had some really good practical points including an idea for a grey water recycling system

full text is available here ... ate-change

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Re: Permaculture magazine article - Capetown drought

Post by Arzosah » Wed May 08, 2019 5:34 pm

Thanks for this - I pasted and copied, it looks a really useful article. Sad that a few people thought it was a conspiracy, when as you say the proof was right in front of them.
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Re: Permaculture magazine article - Capetown drought

Post by Quill » Wed May 08, 2019 5:58 pm

Thanks for the heads up! I think the south of england especially will have to worry about summer water shortages a lot more often.

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