Maxpedition Lunada - How are you running it?

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Maxpedition Lunada - How are you running it?

Post by Alex_Wolf » Mon May 06, 2019 1:29 am


The Lunada from Maxpedition, I've had this bag going on 5 years and love it! Made multiple changes both inside and out, the biggest being a step up from total unorganized chaos to modular systems.

My modular system allows me to add/remove sections of the bag with a tug, keeping the grouped items together to use or set aside for something else.

Add to that its coated in molle to which i use for either a larger FAK, Water bottle sheath or both.

I did have pictures of all my modules but for the life of me i cannot find them. If i can remember to do it, i'll take fresh pics with all the updated parts.

Here's the Ext FAK:
The attachment IMG_20180827_181009_996[1].jpg is no longer available
So the question is, if any of you are using it as purely EDC, how are you running it? could do with some ideas

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