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Li-Ion and Li-Po Battery Bank Storage

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:04 am
by FlashPan
Morning all,

So, for a few years I've had a couple of GP Batteries 10,000mah Li-Ion USB battey banks fully charged in storage (used only once or twice). They are starting to go bit wonky now so have bought another 2 from the same brand but different model and still Li-Ion. On a whim I also bought a cheapish 10,000mah Li-Po battery bank branded TQKA. Seen some good reviews on it.

When I was searching on this TQKA I had seen some general comments that long term storage was not great on Li-Po and if you did, the battery should only be about 75% charged for storage (this info I found was a few years old). I've not seen any info like that for Li-Ion.

What is the general consensus? Li-Po still not good for long term storage and to store at 75%? Li-Ion the same or?

What I tend to do with my banks is every few moths to either charge again (even is saying they are full) or run them a short while and charge.