having a few jerry can problems

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having a few jerry can problems

Post by hedgerowpete » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:01 am

Having a few problems with my jerry can collection, what do you suggest;

1, seals, the seals on fleabay and other sites are a different shape to the ones in the cans i have and you end up cutting them to fit. why is that and where do i get real jerry can seals that fit, from?

2, base of the can, i have seen some people paint the bottom with car underseal to prevent rust from condensation and sitting on a damp floor, what do you think?

3, spouts, some fit the new jerry cans but not the old ex army cans, whilst others fit both and some fit none. I am looking to get a couple of spouts, any suggestions from where?

4, fast flow spouts, is there such a thing?? fed up of the slow glug gug glug

5, 10 litre cans or 5 litre plastics, most garage forecourts have a sticker saying two, 5 litre plastic or one ten litre steel. has anyone every considered that in times of hardship that, that sign might get implimented and you might need a spare ten litre can as a fill up one?

6, is syphoning the perfect way to decant a jerry can into a cars fuel tank???? zero drips and zero mess, just slow thats all, but how large a hose pipe can you comfortably syphon with? i have 10mm and 15mm but find the 15mm to cumbersome and 20mm kinks and does not work.

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Re: having a few jerry can problems

Post by Prepping_Al » Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:33 am

2. If your worried about rust from sitting on the floor build a wooden slatted rack to sit them on this should allow air underneath and keep them away from the floor and the damp.

5. This is in place at all garages and depending on who is at the till should always be in place. As it's part of their insurance rules so I have been told.

What are you storing petrol or diesel? There is a limit of 30ltr of petrol you can store legally without having to inform insurance and get permission. Diesel I can't find a limit for personal useable but check with your insurance company.
Personally I run on biodiesel and as it's basically vegetable oil I can have as much as I like. Currently I've 5x 25ltr drums full and emptys 5x 25ltr, 2x plastic 20ltr and about 10x 5ltr. At the moment the 5's are to much hassle to use but if fuel strikes look likely they will be topped up as well. I pump it into the car with a small 12v pump which is good for diesel but not petrol it takes about 10mins but I can set it up and do something else while I wait come back and drum is empty. I have it set up on a sack barrow with the battery all I do is load a drum on and roll it up the drive pipe one end in to tank other into the drum, connect the battery done. I use 6-8 drums a month and rotate so it only sits for 6 weeks max and I only stock as it's an hour's drive to fill-up but 99p a ltr is worth it and I'm usually passing the garage once a month anyway.

If your not wanting to rotate, fuel goes off, so look at the boating forums for a good stabiliser for longer than a couple of months storage.

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Re: having a few jerry can problems

Post by grenfell » Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:41 am

I've found the seals need a bit of fettling if I replace any. Certainly the spout I had was awful until I cut a new rubber for it. I have mine on a timber base so there's no problems with corrrosion . I have several metal jerry cans of diesel and a few motre 5L plastic also with diesel , and keep at least the legal limit of petrol in metal cans along with two 5L plastic cans that live in the van for immediate use in tools. I try to keep the airspace in the cans to the minimum and haven't experienced any problems even with the petrol.

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Re: having a few jerry can problems

Post by Yorkshire Andy » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:18 pm

The 10l can rules changed the other year....

http://www.hse.gov.uk/fireandexplosion/ ... iation.htm
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Re: having a few jerry can problems

Post by grenfell » Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:43 pm

Interesting , especially the second from last paragraph which says a license is needed to dispense petrol into the tank of a vehicle. Seems to indicate that without the license stored petrol should only be used for things like mowers and chainsaws which rather makes storing petrol legally a bit on the pointless side for most people who may wish to keep a few gallons for the car in case of supply problems.

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Re: having a few jerry can problems

Post by Bosworth » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:51 pm

You only need a license to refill tanks if you need a license to store petrol.

I can’t find anything about storing diesel.

Diesel is pretty safe. You can drop a lit match into a bucket of diesel and it will usually go out. If it burns, it burns slow.

To answer one of the replies above, I fill up 20L cans of diesel fairly regularly at my local Tesco petrol station. Never had a problem. Admittedly I do it behind the car, away from cameras, one per trip, and then fill the car. But well within my rights and never been challenged.

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