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Re: Knowing your area.

Post by grenfell » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:35 am

You'd probably have to be very lucky anyway to get an officer to come out just for someone sitting in a van not actually committing a crime. I'm a member of a Facebook group concerned with van and tool theft and there are many reports of police not attending. It happened to myself , van broken into and tools stolen , I reported it and the only response I git was a crime number. On another occasion I caught two Eastern European women pinching a bag of taps from the side of the house. They had actually put it in the car when I apprehended them and retrieved the bag. I took the reg and went to the police station ( when we had one) and the reply was that as I had retrieved the goods no theft had actually taken place so there was nothing they could do. Frustrating and hardly any wonder that people are losing faith in the police.

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