Where should I go in case when SHTF

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Re: Where should I go in case when SHTF

Post by Deeps » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:59 am

Arwen Thebard wrote:
Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:56 am
From experience having lived in a "community" environment before, there are huge advantages in terms of spreading the workload, reducing risks, apportioning costs, having mates around you etc. But........

They take a huge amount of time to establish and those that seem to have survived the best (longest) are almost organic in their development taking decades to reach a good equilibrium.

If you think a community based situation might be ideal for you and your family in case of a SHTF scenario, don't wait, join one now. You will then be a well settled in member should the worst happen.

IMO there are distinct differences with the UK and "The West" in general compared to many other parts of the world, where genuine community involvement and interaction are still quite a normal way of life. (eg; Everyone knows everyone else, helps out with anything and anything when needed, looks after elder / younger family members, freely share equipment and personal items etc)

In many respects we have become solitary animals and community involvement can now seem strange to many people :(
I think you're right that our comfortable and safe world has allowed us to please ourselves more. On one hand that's brilliant, we don't need to chip in as much of our personal time etc, everything has a price and gets done. On the other hand we have lost that community side of things, a lot of us are happy enough with that and for most of my life I've fallen into that camp. I've not been too bothered about the 'strangers' who lived around me, since getting dogs I've become a lot more integrated with neighbours and for me its largely been a positive thing. That's not the same as a backs against the wall SHTF type stuff and hopefully never will be, but for most of our history we've been social animals and as you say there are huge advantages, even simple things like moving house is easier when you have a few mates round to help, never mind if things get 'difficult'.

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Re: Where should I go in case when SHTF

Post by Arwen Thebard » Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:53 pm

Friends who lived through the Balkans war put their survival firmly down to being among family and friends in a close knit community who looked out for each other, without which they probably would not have made it.
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