Winter Preps

How are you preparing
Yorkshire Andy
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Re: Winter Preps

Post by Yorkshire Andy » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:26 pm

poppypiesdad wrote:. The problem with defenders is the door seals freezing and locking you out.

Quick tip , wipe the seals with baby oil helps them stop freezing shut , and washes out of clothes if any gets on them

j [/quote]

one thing with baby oil and Vaseline is it can rot rubbers over time wish i hadn't googled baby oil and rubber now: ;) ... 801AAhHofZ

anyways best thing you can do is clean the rubbers before winter with a weak mix of all purpose cleaner (daisy or star drops) rinse well and pat dry.....

then apply silicone oil spray via a soft cloth ... wgodmIkBeA

whilst your at it clean the door where it contacts the rubber once dry polish and wax....

shot of graphite based spray lube in the door locks / filler cap key hole ... cant-n68jb

not forgetting to treat spark plugs to a good dollop of silicone grease inside the plug cap & dizzy/ coil cap and good old holts damp start the leads.. (if petrol)

terminal grease on the battery and main engine earthing points and any bare copper earth straps to protect from corrosion ...

Checking coolant with a hydrometer is also a good idea to see level of protection ..
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Re: Winter Preps

Post by gadgetguy » Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:10 am

Vehicle is all ok for winter thanks for all your tips, i was a mechanic/MOT tester for fifteen years, a lifetime ago though lol.

I've been stocking up on some meds this week as we have all been down with the lurgey!!! Got the usual cold flu stuff some antiseptic creams, plasters.

Booked a flu jab and got a couple of spare inhalers from the docs. Need to get some more anti bios as i used the last of my Amoxycillan for a chest infection,i get them annually!!!!

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Re: Winter Preps

Post by Mad Scientist » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:46 pm

Great preps everyone! Going back to cold weather clothes I must sing the praises of a weatherproof coat I've had for years. Hubby and I were walking near Rejkjavik ten years ago with a tour guide who knew his onions. It was January and I was wearing my trusty coat, sturdy walking shoes and many a layer within. I fell about 7 or 8 feet down a snow hole! This was irksome as I am less than 5 feet tall. I kicked foot and hand holds into the walls of snow, climbed up and emerged unhurt, grinning like an idiot and rolled, spread eagled, safely across the surface. It was one of my proudest moments to bat my eyelids up at my unnecessary heroes scratching their astonished heads as I strode past them! I was quite toasty the whole time.

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Re: Winter Preps

Post by gadgetguy » Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:33 pm

Well winter is getting closer up here. :)

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