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by Starfury
Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:50 am
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Topic: Antihistamine alternatives
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Re: Antihistamine alternatives

My mrs suffers very badly with hayfever, I get it too, but only from the tree pollen so it doesn't last that long. She has a spoonful of local honey every morning, that means she only has to take 1 antihistamine rather than multiple ones, can't be 100% sure it does anything as we haven't done a dou...
by Starfury
Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:42 pm
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Topic: Oxfordshire prepper
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Oxfordshire prepper

Thought it was about time I introduced myself. I am 43 an electrician, self builder I have been building my own house for the last 5 years, also I was a reservist for 9 years I have been prepping small scale for about 4 years, that's helped with all the panic buying in the shops as I had some things...