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by unsure
Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:45 pm
Forum: Medical and Healthcare
Topic: KT TAPE
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theres a few , ok more than a few vids on you tube , but they seem to give different ways to do the same job .
by unsure
Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:41 pm
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Fire lighting.
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Re: Fire lighting.

i usually have at least one fag lighter to hand , a couple in my fishing box and at least one in the car . i do have a couple of ferro rods and a blast match or two around the house some were . all my kit i usually keep in the landrover is stored away for the time being ,but theres all ways more tha...
by unsure
Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:26 pm
Forum: Medical and Healthcare
Topic: KT TAPE
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has any body used it before .
it`s ment to help relieve sore or pulled muscles .
from what i`ve read about it , it can give 80% pain relief with out taking tablets .
by unsure
Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:52 pm
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Topic: My kit so far
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Re: My kit so far

COVER 1 Dutch army 2 man tent. 2 Tarps 1 3 x3, 1 4 x 4. 1 Groundsheet 7ft x 5 ft. 2 3/4 Season sleeping bags , 1 Hammock,2 Sleeping mats. COOKING 1 ASAB Portable cooker + 4 canisters of gas, 1 Hexamine cooker,2 Camping gaz cookers, 1 Methylated spirit cooker 1 14 cm Zebra cookpot,1 BCB cook set,1 S...
by unsure
Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:11 pm
Forum: How are you preparing
Topic: latest purchase
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Re: latest purchase

sounds good to me .
all you have to remember is in very cold weather butane is useless . ive tried it at below zero and had to keep shaking and swapping cans over . that was a pain trying to cook breakfast on a one ring burner .
by unsure
Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:43 pm
Forum: Equipment
Topic: in need of
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Re: in need of

mine came from the local bakery ,
prep cooking oil comes in buckets , but they`re not up to much .
have a look on ebay , from memory they`re not expensive .
by unsure
Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:16 pm
Forum: Logistics and Transport
Topic: Concern about airports post Brexit
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Re: Concern about airports post Brexit

itsybitsy wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:27 pm
I'm going to Portugal on April 1! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

and i`m off to romania in july :lol:
by unsure
Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:41 pm
Forum: How are you preparing
Topic: Storage query
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Re: Storage query

we avoid putting any thing in the attic , other than the likes of loo roll or kitchen roll .
we do keep woolen blankets [ in space bags ] and camping stuff up there all with the usual stuff .
food stuff is kept in the spare bedroom
by unsure
Sat Feb 02, 2019 9:02 pm
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Power Inverters
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Re: Power Inverters

Hi Guys. When I joined, I said I would be asking questions, so here goes another one. My wife uses a CPAP machine at night and I want to get a power inverter to power the machine in the event of power cuts. I am looking at this one. I know for the price it's not going to be the best in the world, b...
by unsure
Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:10 pm
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Topic: Car Jump Start Battery
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Re: Car Jump Start Battery

is it just to recharge your lap top . if it is , have you considered an , invertor . 12volt in and the ability to power more than just your lap top . if its not , then stay away from any cheap ones , they tend to discharge rather quickly .